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ico_dwlodr - this is an avs preset with an advanced algorithm that renders a perfect square on the screen. by GuiTwo
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ico_dwlodr Introduction_To_Some_Effects.htm - SUPERSCOPE, MOVEMENT, DYNAMIC DISTANCE MODIFIER by by tuomas kinnunen
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ico_dwlodr primer2.html - about Assignment is the basis of AVS coding.
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ico_dwlodr SuperScope_Tutorial_v1_0.avs - Written by Idealius -
Edited by 8ate8 - ozzzie@mindless.comp
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ico_dwlodr - by EL-VIS
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ico_dwlodr - Version 1.1 by Tom Young (A.K.A. PAK-9)
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ico_dwlodr avs2_tut_en.pdf - Version 2.0 by Pierre Charpenay 2004
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ico_dwlodr avs_tut_en.pdf - version 1.0 by Pierre Charpenay
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