slideshow108.exe - by Joshua Gerrish: Slideshow can show pictures from a folder. Also PNG, BMP and JPG.
Added by CheziNut downloads:88 - by Joshua Gerrish: - takes video device-input and puts it into AVS.
File from
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Sticky1-AVS.exe - written by Lucian Wischik, based on an original by Justin Frenkel. original site also have allot presets for sticky :) and tool for make them... more at
Added by CheziNut downloads:80 - by Hadoken aka Giordano Ferdinandi. To see 3d by looking at your screen squint-eyed.
original file from =113818
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saver.ape - by Tim Redfern his site this ape also avalable only on
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player2.ape - by Tim Redfern his site this ape also avalable only on p://
documentation: p:// .txt
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miditrace.ape - by Tim Redfern his site this ape also avalable on
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CLS_dynamic.ape - by Shreyas lear-Scren-2466305
Added by CheziNut downloads:61 - by Tomy Lobo ns-APE-beta-12811411
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globmgr.exe - by jheriko anager-16424051
For doing stuff with megabuff.
Added by CheziNut downloads:70 - by Tomy Lobo at deviant
Original file source at zer-APE-7891629
Added by CheziNut downloads:68 - This is an improved AVI renderer for AVS featuring:
- better stability (no more crash when changing files without disabling rendering)
- better speed control, with frames skipping
- pause & reset video buttons
- luma & chroma keying
by Goebish .

there also is more newer version at /1.0.7
Added by CheziNut downloads:81 - as the name says... Can be usefull to slow down old presets running too fast on recent CPUs and maybe other things.
by Goebish .
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convolution.ape - by Tom Holden (2002)
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picture2.ape - by Steven Wittens (UnConeD)
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