S O U N D I S P L A Y  by  V I S K E Y

soundisplay is my 2nd avs pack. The presets were made between
5.4.2003 and  24.8.2003.
I tried to keep the variety of the pack as high as possible what makes this pack quite interresting i think.

Big thanx to :
All the forum-experts for their helpful comments
Atero for his AVS primer.
   You guys make it a lot easier for newcomers to get started.
Yathosho for the PimpBot, which is a great tool especially when you       cant make your own installer.
UnConed (Steven Wittens) and Tom Holden for the following APEs
   which are used in this pack.
   Texer, Color Map, Channel Shift (Steven Wittens)
   Convolution Filter (Tom Holden)
Everyone I forgot

You can use any code i have written and the pictures i have made for your own presets.
Please credit and don't copy whole presets.

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