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Author: Mr Nudge
Title: The Palace (remix by Grandchild]

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---the palace (remix by GC]---
                                                             ---[ original: Sound Blocks II ]---

   From an SAP to a messy goldie preset. Somehow it's not yet ready      but it's 4:40 AM :yawn: and november is nearly over... gotta get this    remix done.

   --- Grandchild ---

   all rights by Mr_Nudge

---the palace (remix by GC]---                                     XXVIII - XI - MMV

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Mr Nudge Volume 8 - Sound Blocks II

Holy shit.. a remake from V4.. that was a long time ago.
This and the original preset aren't that different...the only difference is this is made much better and runs twice as fast.
Ctrl to switch modes.

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