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Author: Mr Nudge
Title: Ice Twice (StevenRoy Remix)
This is rmx of: Mr Nudge - Ice Castle

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02005.11.26                           Ice Twice

                                      __/                        /\
                                    /      ___________/    \
                                  /      /\_________  \      \
                                /                  B y     /\  \      \
                              /___S_t_e_v  e  n / R\ o\ y  \
                            _\_________/      /        \  \      \
                          /                        __/           \_\      |
                        /____________/\  \    /\      \/      |
                        \                        \  \_\/    \        __/
                          \        _______  \    /_\__\      \
                            \      \    /___/\  \/_/\    /      /
                              \    m\ i\c  h\ r\e v \ .\/c  o/m
                                \      \  \      \  \      \        /
                                  \      \  \      \  \      \    /
                                    \___\/\___\/ \___\/

This is a remix of Mr. Nudge's "Ice Castle".

First... Yes, this is actual red/blue 3d. Even better: You can turn it off and on with Ctrl. (Although I don't know why anyone would want to do that.)

Second, thanks to Tuggummi for the bitmap. I think it makes this preset extra special!

This one was really fun, even though I did end up dissecting and rewriting most of the Texer II code to make it a lot more optimized. For example, using asin(sin) is something I simply would not do! Not when I can use some trickery with abs() and frac() to achieve the same effect with much less processor usage! Pity there's apparently no frac() function, so I had to improvise.

Anyway, I tried to keep as much of the original shape as I could, but I did have to change it a little to get most of my ideas to work.

I think my favourite part was getting the shape to morph smoothly from one pattern to the next, instead of just suddenly changing. Despite the fact that this stunt requires calculating the initial basic shape twice per frame (hence the name), it was still remarkably easy to code. A little bit of the inspiration for this, by the way, may have come from Synth-C's wacky fractal attractors.

Making it red/blue was actually an afterthought. "This is cool 3d," I thought to myself. "I might as well go all the way!"

The background was actually the very first thing I changed... And, once again, I've managed something that almost looks like a Trans/Water effect. Notice that this isn't just a background; it also affects the lighting of the 3d shape, although it may be hard to notice most of the time.

I also experimented with making the background slightly red/blue as well... but it wasn't worth the loss of FPS, so I decided to keep it the way I had it before.

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