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Author: Mr Nudge
Title: Intro (Volume 9)

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Something simple and cartoony to kick things off.
When I say simple I mean visually. It took a lot of dicking around to get this right. This preset being the last in this pack I made, pretty much utilizes all the new stuff I've picked up recently, my most favourite being the getosc() decay and this convo filter blur that's stupidly fast which I use in a lot of the presets here.
I know it's not that big a deal but the intro text gets clipped at screen widths below about 440px. I'd fix this if I could be bothered.
Plenty of new stuff from me though. I'm getting some more 3d work done, trying some new things and i'm pleased with the result.
Pretty much all the code is mine except the 3d engine (o rly?) so it's safe to say I'm proud of this pack, even these few scopes here I figured out myself. Not that special I know, but every time I make something from scratch and it works just as I hoped, I feel I've accomplished something.
So yes, enjoy Volume 9!
Thanks to all those who've helped along the way and contributed remixes! This pack wouldn't be nearly as good if it wasn't for you guys! A big shout to all those at the winamp forums!

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